Scott Larson




After an abbreviated career in a rock band, Scott made the decision to put down his trusty Stratocaster and go back to school. To his good fortune, a random newspaper article at an opportune moment led him to the Miami Ad School and set Scott on his path in advertising.

Two years later, Scott traded the sunshine of South Beach for the winters of Chicago and launched his career in advertising at Leo Burnett. There he worked on a number of the world's biggest brands, such as Kellogg's, Kraft, Toys "R" Us and Nintendo. Later, he was able to gain valuable experience at smaller shops, medium-sized shops and freelancing, by creating work for airlines, alcoholic beverages and the occasional fluoropolymer. He even returned to Leo Burnett where his primary client was Samsung.

In his years in the business, Scott has been lucky enough to work with and learn from all sorts of talented individuals and deal in practically every sort of medium. Currently, he is freelancing in Chicago and writing the occasional novel and screenplay on the side. He even noodles around on the old Stratocaster now and again.

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